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We’re changing the way people walk
one step at a time

Dynamic orthotics engineered to help you get more out of your day. Made possible by an advanced framework of image processing, real-time visualization, and 3d printing.


Perfect Fit

Feel light on your feet with minimized shock, and reduced joint pain.

Posture is the first step towards empowerment. Proper alignment eliminates aches and pains, and helps you feel sexier, and more confident in your skin. Take back your day with our corrective orthotics, and step onto SOLS that are truly yours.

Enhanced Performance

Feel power in every step with our customized energy management system.

SOLS store and return up to 75% percent of energy output in each footstep. This is 25% more than an average athletic shoe, Feel Better. Do more. Go ahead and dance a little more — we are.

Custom Style

Feel confident, knowing you can wear the shoes you want to wear.

We believe comfort and style are synonymous. SOLS are ultra-thin, washable, and odor-proof orthotics designed with footwear in mind. So go ahead, and take your shoes off.